Few Interview Tips for Fresher’s (before interview):

First thing first: Wake up with good and cheering mood; get yourself well-dressed have a light breakfast.

Before going for the interview get yourself few basic information about the organization for which you are appearing for interview.

Now, the points to remember:

  1. Be on time: Always be on time, preference is be there atleast 20-25 minutes before the fixed timing. It will help you relax, also after reaching for the interview venue there could be few documentation process , so that early reaching time you can utilized for that process.
  • Take the documents asked for: Carry all the required / asked documents at the interview venue to make the interview process faster in hiring. Double check one night before and put all the papers in one folders so that you do not miss the documents. Always carry additional copy of CV for easy access for the interviewer, if you have done internship carry a copy of the project or internship completion letter.
  • Make a soft copy of all the documents: Prepare all the required documents in a soft copy format, so that if required you can mail them or share them instantly, lot of organization prefer soft copies format.

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